Bedbug Powder and Why it is the Best

Bedbug powder such as diatomaceous earth is a well known and effective method of eradicating bedbugs from every corner of your home. Diatomaceous earth is a safe and easy method of killing bedbugs and other pests as well.

kills bedbugs
Using bedbug powder is a great way to rid a bug infestation from your home as well as prevent for any unforeseen bedbugs that try to move in. Many people have found that it is highly recommended to bring a bit along with you when you are and about but mainly when you are traveling.
Hotels, condos and other vacation home styled dwellings are known to host many people throughout their time, which makes them a hot bed for lice, fleas, bedbugs and of course, cockroaches. Taking some bedbug powder to any area like that before you settle in for the night could prevent a horrible infestation from getting taken home with you. Traveling is a very risky thing to do and preparing for bedbugs by having a plan of prevention will effectively decrease the risk you have of bringing bed bugs home with you after a trip or vacation of some kind.
Diatomaceous earth is a less harmful method of getting rid of bedbugs and many people prefer to use it over any other method. Chemicals that are hazardous to people are known to be used in extreme bedbug situations but they can have a lasting harmful effect on the people living near where the chemicals had been used. This is the biggest reason that most people might even go as far as to deal with getting bit for a longer amount of time while waiting for an organic method to work instead of risking a chemical related injury that can come from using chemicals that are harmful to humans. All in all, bedbug powder and diatomaceous earth should be your first choice for getting rid of bedbugs.

Bedbug powder works because it causes bug to dehydrate. As bedbug crawls through powder it scratches it shell and adheres to the bug, and sucks the moisture out of the bedbug. The effectiveness of bedbug powder depends on how strategically it was placed.

In addition to using bedbug powder, a good regiment of vacuuming diligently and keeping sleeping areas free of clutter are essential in eliminating bedbugs. It is also good idea to caulk or expand foam any cracks or crevices that bugs may crawl through.

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