Bedbug Traps the climb up interceptor

Climb up interceptors are great for trapping bedbugs before they climb up the bed legs and bite you. The interceptors are placed under each bed leg and when the bedbugs climb up into the interceptors they remain trapped. That makes them great for the treatment of a bedbug infestation because it creates a trap for the bugs to fall into when they are on their way to having a midnight snack from whoever happens to be sleeping in the bed.
The hardest thing about bedbug treatments is that it’s hard to find out where the little critters are hiding at during the day but they have a hard time resisting night time sleepers and the easy feeding that they provide. Therefore, the bedbugs will start at the legs of the bed and crawl upwards then eat for a few minutes and go back to wherever they were hiding at in the first place. If you have climb up interceptors in place and make sure to have your bed scooted away from the wall and any other piece of furniture, the bedbugs will have no way to climb up and feed.
Once they try to climb the interceptors they will fall into the ring of the interceptors that effectively traps them so that you can dispose of them properly in the morning. It is highly recommended to use heat to destroy the live bedbugs that you happen to collect and if you are careful you should burn them because bedbugs can only truly be killed with extreme heat. Also, try to avoid the use of chemicals to kill the bedbugs you have trapped because they will most likely be immune to it and/or it could have adverse effects upon the health of those around it. In the end, since it is so hard to locate the main bedbug nest you can only go with trapping them when they come to feed to get rid of them all.

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